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  Boss too strong hehehehe
Posted by: Frank - 2018-04-16 17:18 - Forum: Your stories & impressions - Replies (1)

[Image: g1qPbn]
I'm new to the demo tried getting stuffs and rushed to the boss. What happened next is I died in just 3 secs Big Grin

Attached Files
.png   111.png (Size: 242.9 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  What happened to the website?
Posted by: gameslayer - 2018-03-21 09:01 - Forum: Your stories & impressions - Replies (3)

hey I went on to check on this game and it said the website was banned and was like this for several days so I got a bit worried, what happened exactly?

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Exclamation Combat Test Feedback
Posted by: Nitek - 2018-02-06 02:08 - Forum: Your stories & impressions - Replies (1)

The hotboxes are at the targets feet. The way the game looks, it makes it feel weird to see misses go through targets' body because the hitboxes are at their feet, would like taller hit boxes.

Arrows go through terrain, and ranged animations seem jumpy. 

FoV seems low, I personally prefer the 'camera' pushed back a bit more like 30-50% and faster movement.
Just feels kind of slow and you have little chance to avoid skele arrows without space (maybe intended), and to use space you need to move the mouse so you cant attack, so you are pretty much just target practice to them. I'd rather have space locked to WASD movement rather than mouse.

I like the stun if you overuse your space.

Guards didn't fight back.

Not sure what those axe skeles were or if they were intended to be beatable, but i gave it a good 10-15 min just spam shooting them and nothing happened.

Its going to be interesting to see how you guys do "tiered" progression, and how you'll craft them (and get mats) or if its just mob loot. Talents/traits as well or locking into professions to hopefully get players to work together rather than solo, because it feels like they'll still play solo even with the towns element, making towns work together or making players specialize in a craft and a gathering field (1-2) might encourage, even if only teams of 5, to group up and start a town.

In the small amount I've played it felt like I could just pull and kite everything very easily (except skele archers) as a ranger, maybe limit penetration?

Good luck.

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  My faulty friend
Posted by: Leoxis - 2017-12-25 08:27 - Forum: Your stories & impressions - Replies (1)

So, me, my friend, and a horde of zombies. I use a bow, cloak, and light helm. my friend uses a staff, robe, and light helm. I had been playing for a while and since I was bored I got one of my friends to play it as well. I got them level five everything, sadly I could not give them experience. I say this because not even ten minutes later my friend, died and it was in a spot that I nearly died three times to get their items back. resonably enough I was in a bit of a temper afterwards. (forgive my lack of skill I'm not used to writing about experiences I've had)

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  Thoughts on procedural 2D map generation with rivers
Posted by: Konspiracy - 2017-12-22 18:30 - Forum: Updates & News - No Replies

Our post about our procedurally generated map in /r/IndieGaming got some great feedback and we were asked to post in greater length about what we did so here goes!

 (Render example with accurate biome and tile colors)
[Image: 0_mapgen-tilecolors.png]

Anyone who knows a bit about procedural map generation will have heard of Perlin-Noise, one of your best friends on this battlefield. Perlin is great because it allows you to create a scalable map that can self-expand when players wander toward uncharted terrain. We use layered perlin noise as a base like everybody else, but there were some points we were not satisfied with.
This GDC talk by Sean Murray (No Man’s Sky) gives a better idea in what ways Perlin can and should be used (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SePDzis8HqY).

  1. Perlin is completely random, but our map (depicting the edge of a flat discworld and the entrance to the outlying chaos desert) has a defined topology. The idea is that there is a long coast in the south, then a somewhat lush “entry-level” coastal area for new players, and the farther you get in-land the more elevation, cold and monsters you have to face.
  2. Perlin can not do cool rivers, but we wanted rivers that lead from the mountains towards the coast, have a current, and do not go in circles. At the same time we didn’t want to pre-generate the whole map, because we wanted the world to be able to grow and still be able to delete unused chunks.
So we started to look into other solutions and found some papers like “A Fractal Model of Mountains with Rivers” (http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/mountains.gi93.pdf) by Prusinkiewicz and Hammel (and many hints towards the mysterious but omnipresent Musgrave).

This one is an interesting approach, where a plane is split into ever smaller triangles that have a defined (derived from seed) water flow direction. So you can just calculate the largest triangles and then iterate deeper into areas you want to have in more detail.

(Prusinkiewicz and Hammel. “A production for fractal mountain generation”, Department of Computer Science University of Calgary)
[Image: production-fractal-mountain-generation.png]

The way to go for realistic rivers (as we have learned in many experiments) is to start from the rivers and derive the terrain from them. The other way, starting with elevations and then putting rivers into them seems to be almost impossible, as the rivers would then again shape the terrain and you have to iterate through thousands of years of geological periods, calculating sediments, erosion and layers of earth, sand and rock.
We worked through this with some experienced geologists and came up with a huge simulation that seemed interesting from a scientific point of view but didn't quite address our design and performance needs for the game.

After going through these experiments, we decided to try a mix of both.

Step 1: To create the southern coast, we had to add a predefined curve as base.
(Flat landscape with pre-defined height-curve)
[Image: 1_mapgen-profile-plain.png] [Image: 2_mapgen-profile-perlin.png]

Step 2: We created branching rivers and made sure each river branch and sub-branch stayed
 in its own chunk, so only that one river arm needed to be calculated for each tile of that chunk.
(t-shape rivers with chunks marked)
[Image: 3_mapgen-river-t-shape.png]

Step 3: We modulated the rivers with sin-functions to create more organic shapes.
(image of SIN-rivers)
 [Image: 4a_mapgen-river-single-sine.png] [Image: mOWUE4-VBliN-2Y-eZe_QeWRqlvAxp2LXg4MK-nt...mKsq9NvhcN]

Step 4: We generated some layers of perlin noise and used them as “lenses”, to 
displace tiles and get the organic shapes on the map without destroying the rivers.
(perlin morphed rivers & terrain)
[Image: 5_mapgen-river-terrain-modulation.png]

Step 5: We made the rivers “imprint” themselves into the terrain
(final height)
[Image: 2_mapgen-profile-perlin.png] [Image: 6b_mapgen-profile-perlin-river-modulation.png]

Now we had a lot of data to work with. From elevation and distance to the next
river we can calculate biomes, temperature, weather, resources and animals.
(final map)
[Image: 7_mapgen-perlin-sine-modulation.png]

Our work on this is ongoing as we adapt it to gameplay needs. We’re also still learning as we continue balancing. So if you have questions, input or want to discuss stuff we are happy to get in contact.

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Information DevLog 7th December, 2017
Posted by: Yannic - 2017-12-07 00:21 - Forum: Updates & News - Replies (2)

Alright, here we go again!

[Image: OgTYFsqq0CoCYh2SvAwVpUnYMmimWG5BLbZFIpG5...oQ_wMRWflO]

Last week, we implemented a couple tutorial hints, triggered at different points while playing. For example, a description of crafting is displayed when opening the first campfire. Or a hint is shown about players, factions and hostility when the players first encounter each other.

[Image: nKE5xHDkn1aLL3c6_Bcc-d65Dzl8Kz9qfGe1j6_j..._FZVVw3Fsb]

We implemented construction tasks, so putting up walls, buildings and towers is now done via offline mode. Bringing us closer and closer to the sandbox target we had pictured, where time spent offline becomes as important as time spent online.

[Image: mS-uAdep0oSyUaambPxfTb2XNteHlEbhs3tzGtAc...nB8HKxHyUj]

When a player chooses to attack a village or open a village chest, they automatically get added to that village's criminal list. They get attacked on sight by the village's towers and offline defenders. We added a warning before these actions so players do not become criminals unknowingly.

[Image: JA8K9Q9HT6mXKTFNG46EHB4EWwapRzY0nQ5W1Cgv...hI8iIYOF14]

We also implemented some graphics for sitting down, to give the campfire a more relaxed atmosphere and make it more evident when characters were sleeping.

We were also not happy with the axe’s behaviour. We tried a bit of arcade style combat, where the third strike is stronger than the two before, but it didn’t work out the way we expected.
So we’ve tuned all weapons:

  • sword and axe move you forward while striking
  • axe and hammer have a very focused target area
  • staff and sword have a  broader target area
That makes the sword a good all-around weapon.
The hammer is great against strong enemies, but more taxing if used incorrectly.
The axe is great against most weak enemies, but also taxing if used incorrectly.
The staff is a great defensive weapon that is very beginner friendly.

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  DevLog 13th November, 2017
Posted by: Yannic - 2017-11-13 21:11 - Forum: Updates & News - No Replies

Greetings everybody,
it's time for another progress report for the Blossom & Decay development to pass the time until the Alpha finally starts.

[Image: tX66n-Mg1Isps1F9kjSjynSIw64cz8b8EisqyF1Y...VwXGcDWQ5A]

Last week we further balanced the map generation. We adapted areas where specific plants grow by biome and temperature. So now the food balancing part is completed until we play with more testers.

[Image: 8htEjTPz7jH--Jq42WgFZJ4vwN8f3wp2OukNam-H...uJvUaF-0SZ]

We also created a “Staff of Life” to resurrect fallen companions for the price of gems.
These gems are dropped by most monsters and might become the general currency of the game world.
We discussed the topic of currencies a lot and are aware of the potential instability of player-mined currencies. So we are working on producing enough sinks for it.
We are also considering systems like used with crypto currencies, where the rate of production slows down to avoid inflation.

[Image: pTQOrHJAkRnTF5VmpYKLFjXW6NEZ3tlzTA4XVhW8...aMu0Tlhuap]

Then we worked on sheep and chicken, so you can build pens for them and hold them near your base, feed’em, breed’em, eat’em. Individual genetic code for each animal, that influences resistances and productivity and is passed on to children as well es illnesses that need to be cured by the farmer are in discussion.
We implemented some ambience sounds, so chicken cluck in their pen while you can hear the noise of rain, wind and the shore.

[Image: bAR7LVdBZCNVbmK3WeHrrkdml_V93nIj6QNgH0hR...SngxDa1xup]

Last but not least we put work into Dragons which we decided to become the first large monsters. Played around with extending necks and different colors and made a dummy implementation to start balancing them.

Thanks for the read and have a nice week!

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Information DevLog 6th November, 2017
Posted by: Yannic - 2017-11-06 16:59 - Forum: Updates & News - No Replies

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, we have another progress report for you!

[Image: sR2nO233YQuvMOt_2OQDuHCzxNSXDUPetUgEFUGU...IwJ5mAeXwP]

This week we worked on a lot of different sketches for clothes.
The general idea is to add another inventory slot, so 2 layers of body clothing can be worn.
This is to give the tailor profession more of a role, by adding padded armor, everyday and profession based clothing.
Heavy armor, cloaks, backpacks etc are worn on the back and are not compatible with armors, so players need to decide if they want to be warm, safe or carry more.

[Image: 2017-11-06.png]

Then we worked on plant based food balancing. Adjusting all crafting times, growth speed, nutrition values, weight and biomes for each plant.

[Image: y_9y6mTU2H_75J7RHqPYrNEnI95HjM1-Tvi6eDWi...zZHmXXPLXn]

Finally we added a 'Rest & Eat' task for offline player characters at fireplaces, so chars can stay fed and rested as long as enough food was provided. We want food production to be an essential part of the crafting chain, so now we are able to add that they might stop crafting at all when hungry.
Also sleep times are a thing in Blossom & Decay, so setting this task prevents you from logging in just to watch your character having a nap for the next few minutes...

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  DevLog 20th October, 2017
Posted by: Yannic - 2017-10-20 18:16 - Forum: Updates & News - No Replies

Hey everyone!

[Image: 6cqleC40cD_xADtCySd7KTh_Pn2fyJipPr0kEzoR...MBlpono3RU]

The previous weeks we worked to make houses and walls really of value to players.
We implemented markers for where machines and beds can be set up in houses. 
Doors have a password that can be set, to limit access to the house. 
Walls can not be shot through anymore, so you are safe inside of a house now.
We did the same for mountain walls and towers, so players can shoot from above 
on players below, but not the other way.

We worked on balancing all needs, like hunger, thirst, tiredness and temperature.
There is a real sleep mode now, when characters are too tired and it’s warm enough. 
That is the only way to refill tiredness (before you could just stand still to recover).
Needs are now shown as think-bubbles above the char and we try to play without bars 
that show the exact values (we like the idea of soft information for the player about these things).

We put some time into performance optimization, as our mini-server ran into memory limitations. 
We managed to half the Database size and data is now garbage collected more efficiently.

We also played around with reducing the vision distance during nighttime to create 
a more sneaky gameplay, where you can get around - but also suddenly run into - enemies.
We also think about gear that changes visibility distance, so specific scout/spy roles can be assumed.

[Image: IK6a24NpKYTXe-w4T5GeGJ0iz0Mb4t2DokbugYI8...WQNo76ZVHp]

[Image: eu22HYKRBnrv-GwJO8Hx96k5cFnaOzjUBOAEA-tg...jPZi9zbOqF]

Last week we implemented towers, where offline players 
can be positioned to defend an area and shoot arrows at everything hostile. 
This is another part of the whole offline defense orchestra.

[Image: qd-5p2M4YOt2XvM4oeobIz-yboPuUvmWres5DPLW...5eQmKwcB45]

We also implemented Shop-Carts that can be used to transport goods, and locked by the player 
or used to run a player shop even while offline.

The cart needs to be defended and can be destroyed if thieves have no lockpick at hand.
It also has a much higher carrying capacity than players.

[Image: f5x-DtJKFINdfz0fzWBmrGLBEkBJhbqTfZBpNy7Z...hd0yKm3Gw1]

This week we focussed on OPC behaviour (offline player character, controlled by AI).
We implemented different modes that can be set for AI behaviour, 
like “aggressive”, “defensive” or “passive”.
Also, the OPCs now react when people on their friendlist 
get attacked or non-clan people try to take things out of their machines or chests.
The OPCs can also follow other players or can be set to guard specific people, places or machines.

[Image: XPLx7hlSmDSPyK5X71ykCZtmQDF76_iVEWYDE34g...bD4FPtnvvS]

We worked on many minor bugs and balanced a lot around crafting times. 
We are still playing our first session with realistic timings 
and haven’t reached max gear yet, so we are still working on balancing.
One step was to implement shacks to provide some basic shelter from early on in the tech tree.

tl;dr we did a lot of detail work, which means we are getting closer to the point 
where we are confident to have a presentable version.

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  Cool game
Posted by: gameslayer - 2017-09-11 08:53 - Forum: FAQ - Replies (12)

I really like this game front first glance and wanted to ask if you wanted to allow me to have the game on my open sourced multi platform gaming application I am working on, it focuses on a great easy to use web UI and focuses on gaming at heart. I would love to add you to it for everyone to know about this great game and follow its development and help get more members to play and while your game running the best it can in a application made for gaming and just focusing on your game without any hassles! If there is anything you need at all just ask. Smile

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