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Purpose of this Forum
Purpose of this forum is to collect feedback from the Alpha Testers of Blossom & Decay.
A link to the game will be provided as soon as the demo is public.
There is one category, covering gameplay problems and suggestions.
It would be great if you shortly document a play-session and what was good and what could be improved.
Please try to separate the problem (what exactly felt wrong) from the solution proposal. So instead of only saying "make this type of enemy slower", try to figure out what the initial problem was, like "this type of enemy overwhelmed me, i felt surrounded all the time". This helps a lot when discussing solutions and taking all factors in.
The other category is for real bugs, so when something feels broken.
Please describe the system and browser you used and add a screenshot if that helps with the explanation (PC: Print-Screen-Button, Mac: Cmd+Shift+3).
Also try to have a look if the same bug is already described and if not, try to re-produce the bug, so we find out what went wrong.
It also helps if you tell us exact time of day (together with your timezone) when the bug occurred.  

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