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The Boy I Like Isn't Talking To Me After I Told Him I Liked HimMost guys are flattered and cheap runescape 2007 gold pleased to a hear that a girl likes them, so there's obviously something that's making your friend a little bit uncomfortable.Why is he ignoring me?So you've told him you like him, and all of a sudden he's laying on the 'silent treatment'.
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Therefore, when you told him that you like him, he may have been shocked and at a loss for words, and that may be the reason why he is avoiding you.If you are ready to carry on a platonic friendship with the boy, then you can approach him and convey the message, and you both can still remain friends.However, if you feel that this is not possible, then move on, get involved in other activities,
Oh dear, I understand where you're coming from, these things don't get any easier the older you get!But let's sort the wheat from the chaff: He may be shy, he may be embarrassed, he may be not interested, but the silent treatment on his part is just darn annoying for you and you know what?You don't deserve it! and meet more new people. You may find someone you like better than this guy.
Sometimes, what happens is that one person feels more than a passing liking for the other person, while the other person may remain completely unaware of this, and pursue someone else!Your friend may have been in such a situation: He may like you as a friend and a friend only, and not as anything further, and he may already have fixated on another girl.
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The only way to resolve this, is for you to step up to the plate. Either he's too shy or he's not interested, but you definitely deserve an answer!There's a couple of ways about this: You could leave a short note in his locker or desk (or wherever notes are left in your world), or you could text him or email him if you do that type of thing.Hi!Today is Christmas ,So Time to Participate in 2018 Xmas party with Up to 9% off RS 2007 Gold/RS Gold/Other Products on RSorder Until Jan. 2!More Details
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