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Combat Demo – Tutorial
Blossom & Decay MMOaRPG - combat demo
[Image: 1-blossom-and-decay-combat-demo.png]

A beginners guide - What can I do here?
This guide covers the Blossom & Decay combat demo. This initial demo mainly features combat mechanics, so have fun and get familiar with the game and character handling skills. We want to find bugs and balance the combat system.
This demo offers a few hours of playtime, but the game has yet to become a full open-world sandbox MMOaRPG. We implement new features continuously so we’d like to hear your feedback, ideas, and especially places you found imbalances or items you’d like to see tweaked. We’re usually available to chat in the forum and we take feedback seriously to achieve improvements in the game.

1.1 Get better gear and beat the boss [Image: 1.1-blossom-and-decay-warrior.png]
The demo showcases a pacified town, and increasingly challenging combat beyond the southern gate. The further south you go, the higher metal quality you will find in rocks to forge higher level equipment. Before leaving equip a weapon to defend yourself. You’ll find them in the shop near the spawn point (see map marker.)
Try to push through and defeat the boss, you’ll need friends to increase your chances.
Let us know if items are over or underpowered, or feel unbalanced.

If you want to go fast, go alone. But If you want to go far, go together. 
- African Proverb

1.2 Fight in the arena [Image: 1.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-arena.png]
The arena serves to practice PvP with different item combinations. To balance the differences between PvE and PvP, we want your feedback to help us harmonize the different gameplay styles, developing an action-combat system that works for both. Please visit Blossom & Decay's Forum to let us know what you think about them and the overall action combat.

1.3 Play slimeball [Image: 1.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-slimeball.png]
We invented this mini-game to show other fun social/sport mechanics that will be possible in Blossom & Decay’s world.
Slimeball rules: Each team takes half the court. One team has kick-off, the other team is allowed to leave their side when the ball crosses the middle line. When a team scores, the opposing team gets a new kick-off from their goal. 
If someone is killed, their team gets a kick-off at that kill spot. If the mourning team managed to score during that play, then they just get a goal and the game continues as normal.

1.4 Send us word [Image: 1.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-contact.png]
Go to Blossom & Decay’s Forum, twitter or facebook and chat with us about what makes a good game. We embrace your feedback, ideas, and questions. We love to discuss any aspect of Blossom & Decay or gaming and development. It’s our passion. Don't be shy, feel free to contact us and chances are one of us is around to chat or play... 

2. Combat Controls
Blossom & Decay has an action combat system. Instead of targeting enemies your strikes go in a direction and hit whats there. The aim is a skill-based combat system and we need feedback on it when you feel things are not balanced or could be improved.

2.1 Health and Stamina [Image: 2.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-health.png]
When your health-bar is drained below 0 you can sustain some damage before you die, but you'll be stunned and crippled every time you get hit. There is no friendly-fire protection in B&D. Be careful with your allies.
Beneath is the stamina-bar. Weapon- and armor-based skills require stamina. When remaining stamina isn’t enough to perform a skill, the player gets stunned for overstraining.

2.2 Keys
The keys are fixed, but custom configurations will be implemented for the full game. 
We support WASD or mouse movement, you can use either and switch the left mouse button to primary and right mouse button to secondary attack, if you don’t want to walk with the mouse. When moving, the ground you walk upon influences your move speed.

[Image: 2.2-blossom-and-decay-default-control-keys.png]

W,A,S,D = move
Left click = Move to clicked point (or primary attack, depending on settings)
Right click = Primary attack (or secondary attack/skill, depending on settings)
Shift = Secondary attack - Depends on Weapon type (requires lvl 2+ weapons)
Space = Movement skill - Depends on Armor type (see equipment descriptions)
F = Use off-hand item
E = Use potion / food
B = Backpack (to equip items)
N = Settings

2.3 User Interfaces 
To equip an item in the inventory, left-click. Right-click moves the item to an open chest, fireplace, machine or, if none is opened, to the ground.
Currently the bottom bar is mostly indicative and shows what skills are available.

[Image: 2.3-blossom-and-decay-ui.png]
When more crafting and other mechanics become available, we’ll add a bar with slots and other useful interfaces from crafting/sandbox games. If you’d like to share your thoughts about good and bad crafting/sandbox UI solutions you’d like to see, we would love to [hear from you]-link. This also goes for the inventory, which will let you drag and drop items, among other things. 

2.4 Settings [Image: 2.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-settings.png]
Use this menu to adjust the sound, music, and a small selection of character faces. The game’s development will include expanded customization for player avatars and other social aspects. 

3. Items [Image: 3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-items.png]
All skills come from items in Blossom & Decay. There are currently 5 levels of items with increasing power. Use the anvil in the Forge (next to the shop,) to get items with better qualities. You can find better raw metals in rocks beyond the southern gate. The further you go, the better metals you’ll find. B&D is a full loot MMOG. If you die, everything you carry falls to the ground.

The shop [Image: 3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-shop.png]
You can get free level 1 items at the shop. Other items can be purchased with gems (usually dropped by stronger monsters). 

The Forge [Image: 3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-blacksmith.png][Image: 3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-anvil.png]
You can use your harvested metals to craft weapons. Stand in the circle by the anvil in front of The Forge. To craft more powerful gear, go further down the southern coast lane and find higher grade metals. 

3.1 Weapons [Image: 3.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-weapons.png]
Weapons provide the basic right-click attack.
At level 2 and up they also provide the secondary skill (shift button).
Secondary attacks drain stamina. Be careful not to get exhausted as this will stun you and make you vulnerable for a few seconds. 

3.1.1 Sword
[Image: Blossom-and-Decay-sword.gif] [Image: Blossom-and-Decay-sword-skill.gif]
The sword is fast and powerful with a medium area of effect.
Its secondary skill is a Parry.
Ongoing discussion: Right now the parry is somewhat underpowered. We’re exploring more repercussions to a successfully blocked attack, like a short stun. Try it and please let us know your thoughts in the forums.

3.1.2 Axe
[Image: Blossom-and-Decay-ax.gif] [Image: Blossom-and-Decay-ax-skill.gif]
The axe is fast and powerful with a medium area of effect. 
Its secondary skill is a Stun Attack that disables the hit target.
Ongoing discussionRight now the axe is quite similar to the sword. We’d like some feedback for useful ways to balance them against each other.

3.1.3 Hammer
[Image: Blossom-and-Decay-hammer.gif] [Image: Blossom-and-Decay-hammer-skill.gif]
The hammer is slow but powerful, and it stuns enemies when hit.
It has a short lockdown after a strike.
Its secondary skill is a Blast. It scatters all hit enemies away from the player.

3.1.4 Staff
[Image: Blossom-and-Decay-staff.gif] [Image: Blossom-and-Decay-staff-skill.gif]
The staff has lower damage than other weapons, but a broad area of effect for good defense. 
Its secondary skill is a Cone of Light that causes damage and slows targets. It also pushes them away from the caster while increasing the damage taken.

3.1.5 Crossbow
[Image: Blossom-and-Decay-crossbow.gif] [Image: Blossom-and-Decay-crossbow-skill.gif]
The crossbow is the only ranged weapon.
Its secondary skill is a Triple Shot, shooting 3 arrows in a spread.

3.2 Armor [Image: 3.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-armor.png]
Armor protects and provides secondary movement skills that drain stamina. Like Dash, which can help initiate or escape from combat. Use movement skills with the space key. They also work simultaneously with other skills, letting fighters mix varied powerful fighting styles as they advance.

3.2.1 Leather armor
[Image: blossom-and-decay-armor-leather.gif]
Leather armor provides medium protection.
The secondary Dash-Skill lets you quickly move in your mouse’s direction, even through enemies.

3.2.2 Metal armor
[Image: blossom-and-decay-armor-metal.gif]
Metal armor provides better protection than leather but it slows you down a bit
The secondary Brawl-Skill lets you move quicker in the mouse direction while knocking back enemies in your path. 

3.2.3 Robe
[Image: blossom-and-decay-armor-robe.gif]
The Robe provides medium/low protection.
Use the secondary Teleport-Skill to quickly jump. Press space once to cast the spell in mouse direction, press space a second time to jump to that location.

3.2.4 Cloak
[Image: blossom-and-decay-armor-cloak.gif]
The Cloak provides low protection, but lets you move faster.
The secondary Cloak-Skill makes you invisible for a few seconds. When you disappear, enemies see a transparent shade where you stood. As you are hit or run into enemies, your shade moves too, giving enemies a glimpse of your movements.

3.3 Helmets [Image: 3.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-helmets.png]
Helmets provide protection and passive effects. They don’t drain stamina.

3.3.1 Leather helmet [Image: 3.3.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-helmet-leather.png]
The leather helmet provides medium protection.
It increases your attack damage. 

3.3.2 Metal helmet [Image: 3.3.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-helmet-metal.png]
The metal helmet provides good protection.
It also lowers stun duration.

3.3.3 Gold headband [Image: 3.3.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-gold-headband.png]
The gold headband provides low protection.
It gives you an aura that restores health and stamina faster for everybody around you.
It also shines at night.

3.3.4 Silver headband [Image: 3.3.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-silver-headband.png]
The silver headband provides low protection.
It increases your movement speed.

3.4 Off-hand items [Image: 3.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-secondhand.png]
Off-hand items vary in use, like mobility with the hook or tanky protection with the shield. Choose yours depending on combat role and situation.

3.4.1 Shield [Image: 3.4.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-shield.png]
The shield can block frontal attacks and partly from the sides. It doesn’t block attacks that move or bounce you, like the hook or the hammer’s secondary skill. It also doesn’t block the staff’s Cone of Light.

3.4.2 Hook [Image: 3.4.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-hook.png]
The hook can pull others to you or you to others. Depending on your relative weight.

3.4.3 Boomerang [Image: 3.4.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-boomerang.png]
The boomerang flies in an arc, stunning and knocking everything in its path.

3.4.4 Net [Image: 3.4.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-net.png]
The net slows everything it hits, and increases the damage taken while entangled. Lasts a few seconds. 

3.5 Other items 
During the development of Blossom & Decay, we'll be creating and adding a lot more items in the demos and game. The next demo coming late spring 2017 will show the sandbox aspects.

3.5.1 Potions [Image: 3.5.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-potion.png]
Potions heal you quickly for 50% of your missing health.

3.5.2 Food [Image: 3.5.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-cooked-food.png]
Food heals you more slowly than potions.
Cook raw food at a fireplace to eat it. Raw Food [Image:]
Fish can be caught with a fishing rod.
Meat can be obtained from animals.
You cannot eat raw food.

3.5.3 Wood [Image: 3.5.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-wood.png]
Wood can be obtained from the leaf trees in front of the southern gate.

3.5.4 Metals [Image: 3.5.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-metals.png]
Metals are available in 5 different levels. They indicate what equipment you can craft in the forge (left of the shop in town). All items are made from metal in the demo. Let us know which materials you’d like to see in the game. We are working on the crafting system to make different items with a broad variety of resources, longer value chain, and more machines.

3.5.5 Camp Fire [Image: 3.5.5-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-fireplace.png]
Light fires with wood. Once the fire is going you can use it to cook raw meat and fish, or add additional wood to increase its duration. 

3.5.6 Fishing rod [Image: 3.5.6-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-fishingrod.png]
The fishing rod can be used by right clicking on a fishing spot.
Fishing works in all water, cast your rod where you can spot movement. Some good spots are the harbour in town or the islands and haven down on the southern road.

3.5.7 Hoe [Image: 3.5.7-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-hoe.png]
The hoe can be used outside of the northern gate to plow and plant seeds you find.

3.5.8 Seeds [Image: 3.5.8-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-plants.png]
Seeds can be planted in plowed ground. They take 24 hours to grow.
When ripe, they can be harvested empty-handed, remove weapon or hoe and click right .
They currently yield gems, which can be traded in the shop.

4. NPCs
Some are friendly, some hostile. They are all pretty dumb right now. We are working on route-finding and smarter strategies for enemies.

4.1 Soldiers [Image: 4.1-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-soldier.png]
Soldiers are the city guards. Some will follow you along the coast lane when you leave the southern gate. Their AI is raw, so don’t get between them and enemies.

4.2 Animals [Image: 4.2-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-animals.png]
Animals are peaceful, some will flee and others will follow you. You can get meat from them.

4.3 Beetles [Image: 4.3-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-beetle.png]
Beetles are very weak enemies. Train your skills on them.

4.4 Slimes [Image: 4.4-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-slime.png]
Slimes move little, but when you run into them you lose life and get bounced off. Watch out on low health or running through big mobs. They can be quite deadly.

4.5 Zombies [Image: 4.5-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-zombies.png]
Zombies are standard enemies that can do decent damage if your armor is low. They will mob you so remember your secondary movement skills. 

4.6 Ghosts [Image: 4.6-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-ghost.png]
Ghosts are shooting enemies that flee when you come too close.
Their shots make a bit of damage and slow you when hitting.

4.7 Skeleton Troopers [Image: 4.7-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-trooper.png]
Axe skeletons are heavily armored fighters, dealing huge damage. Be very wary of getting in close combat with them. 

4.8 Assassin Skeletons [Image: 4.8-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-assassin.png]
Assassin skeletons have lighter armor than skeleton troopers.
They can also make themselves invisible and do a lot of damage in that state. Be alert, note where they disappear to predict where they will reappear.

4.9 Archer Skeletons [Image: 4.9-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-assassin-archer.png]
Archer skeletons can go invisible and shoot crossbows with decent damage.
Try to catch them with your off-hand weapons.

4.10 The Boss [Image: 4.10-blossom-and-decay-tutorial-boss.png]
This is the bad guy sending his minions towards the town. He’s far at the end of the southern coast lane.

5. The project
We are now optimizing Blossom & Decay's engine and backend for the upcoming MMOARPG sandbox demo. Stay tuned, we have a lot more to cover in future posts.

[Image: blossom-and-decay-emergent-narrative-banner.gif]

User testing and balancing are big priorities to us. Integrating your feedback through iteration and optimization will be the key to making Blossom & Decay an exceptional MMO sandbox for our players.

Combat Demo –
Website –
Article – about Blossom & Decay –
Twitter –
Youtube –

[Image: blossom-and-decay-map-combat-demo.png]

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