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Cool game
Ahh I see awesome, if you could give me a script of any news you would like me to use I can do so also if you want me to add any screenshots of image art to the news post I can also do so Big Grin
Awesome! I have added your news to the new updated news feed

and if you press on the read more button it looks like this Big Grin

Also we need a better way you can tell me news you want me to add on there and communicate, I don't get notified of messages on here and have to keep checking it haha!  Tongue
Nice! Looks cool Smile
In the Updates & News section is a "Subscribe to this forum" button. Top right corner of the thread list.
Big Grin

"Man's plight would, indeed, be sad if he had to be kept in order through fear of punishment and hope of rewards after death." - Albert Einstein
The game will be free??
Hey there I know this is an old thread but I wanted to contact you and see how everything was going Smile

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