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Combat Test Feedback
The hotboxes are at the targets feet. The way the game looks, it makes it feel weird to see misses go through targets' body because the hitboxes are at their feet, would like taller hit boxes.

Arrows go through terrain, and ranged animations seem jumpy. 

FoV seems low, I personally prefer the 'camera' pushed back a bit more like 30-50% and faster movement.
Just feels kind of slow and you have little chance to avoid skele arrows without space (maybe intended), and to use space you need to move the mouse so you cant attack, so you are pretty much just target practice to them. I'd rather have space locked to WASD movement rather than mouse.

I like the stun if you overuse your space.

Guards didn't fight back.

Not sure what those axe skeles were or if they were intended to be beatable, but i gave it a good 10-15 min just spam shooting them and nothing happened.

Its going to be interesting to see how you guys do "tiered" progression, and how you'll craft them (and get mats) or if its just mob loot. Talents/traits as well or locking into professions to hopefully get players to work together rather than solo, because it feels like they'll still play solo even with the towns element, making towns work together or making players specialize in a craft and a gathering field (1-2) might encourage, even if only teams of 5, to group up and start a town.

In the small amount I've played it felt like I could just pull and kite everything very easily (except skele archers) as a ranger, maybe limit penetration?

Good luck.
Hey Nitek,
thanks for the detailed feedback!

The combat demo is to this point more than a year old and was an early showcasing of our engine. The current version we are working on has nothing to do anymore with what you played. The combat demo is designed to be a small coop game to show the action combat system in your browser. What we are working on today is on a much greater scale and is a lot more massively multiplayer focused. Players can build villages, farm land, keep animals, go hunting and craft all sorts of stuff to help them survive in the hostile world.
So the critic points you discussed are all agreed by us and where subject to a lot of changes.

Our goal for player progression is that it will be mainly achieved by the players working their way up in the society they take part in. The highest tiered players will need a lot of help from all parts of their social surrounding. They not only need the workforce of the farmers, miners and craftsmen, they will also need the safety of their numbers. Seeing people solo their way up to highest tier gear will probably be an achievement that took an impressive amount of dedication.
Big Grin

"Man's plight would, indeed, be sad if he had to be kept in order through fear of punishment and hope of rewards after death." - Albert Einstein

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